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  • Industry: Photo & Video, Productivity
  • Service Line iOS, Android
  • period of collaboration 2013 - present
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The Challenge:

Photofy was founded in 2013 in Raleigh, NC, with the goal of building the world's most powerful social content creation tool for consumers and businesses.

The app was initially developed by another vendor who couldn't proceed and recommended our team for taking over the project. We have a solid track record of working on legacy codebase projects so we were happy to help.

Product stages:

  • 2013

    Android application released

    Branded Contents (Frames, Artworks). Simple Image Editor (Crop/Effects/Frame). Shared to Most Popular Social Networks and Passagram (print cards)

  • 2014

    Added Templates. Added Collages

    Added In-App-Purchases with Photofy's Marketplace. The First version of Image Chooser (Gallery/Dropbox/Facebook/Branded Backgrounds). Added Notifications. A huge improvement of Image Editor (added Stickers, Renderscript with 30+ effects/lightFX). An application For Amazon (FireOS devices like Kindle)!

  • 2016

    Image Editor improvements

    Improved Save/Restore project function, added Color Picker, improved Template project, added more colors, added patterns/textures, added new options for adjusting Overlays. Added Google Drive to Source Chooser. Added Scheduler, Reshare (Quick Share). Added Pro Users with initial features!!!

  • 2017

    Added new features for Pro Users

    Added Pro Galleries and Pro Tokens for b2b users

  • 2020

    Continued redesign/refactoring the project

    Implemented new methods and technologies for storing the data. Added new/improved features for Pro Users, added the JoinToBusiness feature. Began Free-form Video Editor development

  • 2021

    Continued redesign/refactoring the project

    New Chooser for assets (artworks, frames, stickers...), improved features for Pro Users, released completely new Free-Form Video Editor with Video Templates support

  • 2022

    Worked on Video features

    Added functionality for adding and modifying video with Photofy



  • Heavy image and video processing

    Photofy provides rich opportunities to create and enhance users’ image and video content. We often had to go beyond the standard capabilities of SDKs to implement a certain filter or graphic effect

  • Created a highly configurable system

    The B2B segment of the application has a powerful backend with multiple configuration options for each individual business Customer. Almost every aspect of the Photofy app can be tweaked from the customer portal to meet your business needs. In turn, on the app side, we had to make sure that our design made it possible.

  • Iterative changes and improvements of the codebase

    We're not big fans of refactoring that takes weeks or months and leads to more problems than before. That's why we are constantly changing and improving the codebase with every release when a particular feature is implemented. A good example is Photofy: When we received the project, it was written in Objective C using an outdated MVP pattern. Now it almost fully utilizes the modern Swift-based MVVM approach.

  • Deep integration with storage providers and social networks

    Photofy can operate with content from a variety of sources, from your Photo Gallery to Google Photos or your Facebook feed. It can also publish it to many different destinations with advanced options such as scheduled publishing. Our engineers have come up with abstractions that make all of this possible while remaining scalable and serviceable.



Photofy Android Application received “Trusted" status.


Android application reached 1 million installations


more than 5 millions of installations of the Android application


  • iOS:Swift, Objective C
  • Android:Java, Kotlin, Renderscript, OpenGL
  • Integrations:firebase, facebook analytics, google analytics, dropbox api/sdk, fb/instagram api/sdk, branch, google in-app purchases
  • CI/CD:Jenkins, AWS