Bare-Bones Development is Boring

We leverage our extensive experience to ensure that each of our products reaches its full potential

Small But Competitive

Our ambitions aren’t to grow large, but to stay sharp and creative

Long-term Relationships

Most of our Engineers and Customers stay with us for 5 years or more!

Mobile First. Then Full-Stack. Comprehensive Engineering Expertise.

Mobile App Development

We love apps and have been building them since Steve Jobs revealed the first iPhone. We specialize in Native and Cross-Platform

Web apps Development

We’re Vue.JS fans, ourselves. But React is good too

Backend development

Python Enthusiasts: We’ll tell you whether to go with Django or FastAPI

UI/UX Design

We only move forward with the tech after we’ve designed intuitive UX and a sleek UI
Mila cares


  • Swift
  • Kotlin

A digital space to connect with like-minded women

Gofrendly is a digital community for women who want to add more to their social life. In Gofrendly we celebrate the diversity of our community and individuality of each of our members. We’re a space where all different personalities come together in perfect harmony connecting around shared interests. The reasons for wanting to expand ones social circle can be many and that is exactly what makes our community so wonderful.

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