A platform to rent event items
  • Industry: Lifestyle, Shopping
  • Service Line iOS, Android, Flutter
  • period of collaboration Sept.2022—ongoing
  • site
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The Challenge:

At Olearis, we understand the importance of trust between client and developer. Our client lost confidence in the previous team after experiencing timeline delays without clear communication for over a year. She reached out to see if she could find a team that would communicate proactively to get her business back on track. After several long discussions (and verification of our skills through references) she made the decision to fully transition all development work to our team. We were tasked with completing a project while proving that trust can exist between a client and development team.

We inherited this project at a stage where another company had done most of the legwork but struggled to catch the smaller glitches that would truly make or break an experience for an early user. So, we thoroughly tested every corner of the app, fixed everything that could be fixed, and implemented some new features. Many developers would've advised starting from scratch, but we didn’t have that luxury. Instead, we had to go with what we had so that we could prioritize the client’s needs around timelines and budget.

Working on this project was a great experience because we got to test everything before starting development. Our amazing testers had to go through every aspect of the project to determine what our developers should prioritize and what was within the scope of the project.

In October, we started fixing everything we could, but some features didn’t work whatsoever, so we had to do major refactoring of certain code areas and modules.

Finally, on December 9th, we had our release candidate ready.

After our client tested it for a week, they approved it, and we released it on December 20th.

Needless to say, our client was extremely happy with not only the end-results but the fact that trust was rebuilt through professional and proactive communication every step of the way.



  • Inherit others’ code

    Figured out the code. Went through the huge work of testing. We're able to improve it and stabilize it. One of the greatest challenges to working with others’ code, but not the hardest for Olearis.

  • Production infrastructure

    The project came to us with only one server. Which was not suitable for an app that soon goes into release. So, our team configured and set up a new production environment from scratch. We now have the new optimized servers for development and production.

  • Optimized speed

    We discovered many issues on the networking layer: some API requests were duplicated and sent up to 10 times, some requests were too heavy and some of them were just redundant, so we refined everything we could and rewrote some areas to bring our client the best possible performance

  • Flutter-based solution

    Flutter — the best solution for one code app that performs well on both Android and iOS. It helped us to achieve a product that looks good, works well, and is native to both platforms.


In 3 and a half months Rogo went from a full of bugs app to a successful release. And now getting hundreds of new users.


  • Mobile:Flutter
  • Backend:Python Django
  • Integrations:Stripe, Instabug, Firebase, Digital Ocean, Sentry
  • Web Admin:Vue.js