A social network
  • Industry: Lifestyle
  • Service Line iOS, Android, Flutter
  • period of collaboration June 2022—ongoing
  • site
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The Challenge:

We developed Cactus, a social network that allows users to create moodboards and connect with others who share their interests. During the development process, we collaborated closely with the client, making several design changes and implementing new features that the team enjoyed working on.

After completing the fixed-price project between June and November 2022, we decided to add stories to the platform, which required extra development time but was highly requested by users.

Between January and March 2023, we focused on redesigning the platform to enhance the user experience and improve the visual appeal. Although we faced some challenges, our team remained committed to delivering the best possible outcome.

On March 27th, 2023, we launched the new and improved platform, which has received positive feedback from the client and users alike. We are proud of the hard work and dedication our team put into this project and are eager to continue providing excellent service to our clients in the future.



  • Implemented drag-and-drop functionality.

    Implemented figma-styled drag-and-drop functionality on the moodboards. In the process, we developed our own coordinate system that allows us to display moodboard and items equally on devices of any size. One of the peculiarities and difficulty was to implement the rotation of increasing and decreasing elements, we have successfully coped with it and now there is a possibility of simultaneous control of elements on the moodboard.

  • Migrated to Firebase for easier and more secure authentication

    We integrated phone number authorization into the custom e-mail registration logic using Firebase. To address the issue, we combined the custom email registration process with phone number registration. It was crucial to maintain the design and keep the email registration process, which involved sending a four-digit code to the user. Unfortunately, Firebase could only send links to email and not the code. To overcome this limitation, we successfully integrated our backend system with Firebase, enabling a flawless registration process that adhered to the client's design specifications.

  • Heavy content processing.

    Processing heavy content can be a challenge for many apps, so we've worked on improvements that allow us to efficiently handle heavy content on moodboards. We've added the ability to preload story and moodboard content to give users quick access to content and reduce the load on their phones. This means that users can easily open moodboards and stories at any time and quickly access the content they are looking for.


Cool new kind of social network, satisfied client and further development. We had a blast working on something like that and our client wants to work with us even more.


  • Mobile:Flutter
  • Backend:Python (Fast API)
  • Integrations:Firebase, Sentry, AWS, S3, SES, Spotify API