Discover great opportunities and share them with friends

Spotted is designed to feel something like a prolongation of those brief moments in your life – an idea that truly embodies what it means to share content openly.
Whether it’s a concert, a kind of social event or casual and fun action you’re attending or spotted near your location – this innovative and entertaining app can help your friends or even strangers, other members of Spotted family to join you and share the beautiful experience, have fun all together.


  • build
  • evolve









A real-time sharing platform to discover what's spotted near you.

• Share what you see with your friends
• See what your friends are spotting
• Find people, events, and more near you










Like, comment and respot other's spots with just a finger tap. Add images, emotions and always be informed about event noteworthy event happening around you

What we’ve done

We’ve evolved this superb iOS app in close collaboration with a core team of Spotted project and by integrating completely new design, switching to a next-gen backend storage and adding several great features.
Together we’ve created a unique platform for finding fun and happy to share this experience with all of you.


A real-time interactive platform to discover what’s spotted near you and share it with your friends. Currently it’s on its final stage waiting to be updated on the AppStore

Time spent