Realtime support for the world's most complex products

Socrates Ai is a cognitive mobile assistant which provides your sales & service reps and customers realtime answers, recommendations and experts in their pocket. App’s goal is simple: Find answers to your question, or the best person who can answer, in under 10 seconds. And it succeeds this goal perfectly.

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Over 50% of hospitals now restrict sales rep access and "going rep-less" is
rapidly becoming a key strategic path for hospitals to reduce costs.

Socrates is a chat-based training and support platform that reduces your cost
of field support while giving your customers the fastest, simplest way to get the answers they need, when they need them.

Service and training is the #1 factor in every purchase decision. Socrates puts your product specialists in every customer's pocket.

Everyone hates call centers. Socrates reinvents the legacy call center with a simple idea: it finds the answer or instantly connects you to the right specialist who can.








- Review news & updates related to the medical products & pharmaceuticals you’re interested in
- Stay up to date with client inventory information
- Review accounts with held orders
- Connect with experts who can answer your application & technical support queries
- Enable location services to receive news, opportunities nearby and site information based on your location*, directly in your newsfeed
- View available product warranty status by site location through the Nearby map


Medical and life science products have the highest service burden of any industry. Due to the high cost of sales support, the industry has a cost structure 2-5x more than other industries. Socrates reduces your burden by putting realtime support in every customer's pocket.  

What we’ve done

We’ve built a classy and useful app from scratch. Socrates allows customers and business representatives to get support to their medical or business-related queries all in one place. It allows the company to push updates to their employees and customers for products and topics they’re interested in, and allows company representatives to connect with other employees for assistance.


App was successfully deployed and meets the highest industry standards.

After a year of successful functioning application was temporarily removed from sale and waits for next market opportunities to come into play.


Time spent