Play any card or dominoe game as never before

porTable is the next generation of tabletop group games. Gather your friends around the table and enjoy any game with cards, chips or dominoes. Connect your devices using Bluetooth or WiFi and experience a new, hi-tech way of playing your favourite games.

  • strategize
  • design
  • build
  • launch
  • evolve


porTable is a real-life tabletop gaming simulator using cards, chips and dominoes. Gather your friends around the iPad, connect more iOS devices to hold items your hands and feel genuine game spirit with natural gestures, physics and gorgeous graphic.

We provide game items, notepad, physics and natural gestures. You choose any game you wish. No pre-defined rules: it's only you, your friends and your game.


• Free non-customizable 54-card deck
• iPhone 5 and iPad Retina display
• Smart gestures (ribbon spread, fan spread, put into deck, shuffle and more...)
• Connection via Bluetooth, WiFi or both
• Auto alignment on handheld device
• Various colors for portals and tables
• Set of custom styles for cards, chips and dominoes

What we’ve done

We’ve built unique gameplay based on teleportation and physics emulation. Dozens of game features are included, like intuitive and natural gestures, beautiful and realistic design, specific notebook for results etc – everything to satisfy even a picky gamer.
Real-life physics emulation provides a perfect game atmosphere.


While this game was created a few years ago today it still remains pertinent and juicy.
In the era of stuck-your-nose-in-your-iPhone people this game and it’s innovative idea of playing is on the front burner as never before.

Time spent