Create your own digital vehicle history

Cars and other vehicles have become an important and valuable asset class in recent years transforming what were previously objects of passion and enjoyment into appreciating investments. Product owner strongly believes that technology has a role to play in helping people with the selection, ownership and transacting of those assets and areas dedicated to bringing innovative technology solutions to market. It’s that kind of relationship when passion collaborates with professionalism – the one which always ends with a true greatness.

  • design
  • build
  • launch
  • evolve

What we’ve done

We carefully took the existing concept, best practice and insight and developed a complex, smooth and innovative but yet not sophisticated product from scratch.
When it came to the technology that is behind Patina we used all of our experience from building and designing mission critical systems in industries such as financial services, healthcare, banking and other business solutions to make sure that we provide the required levels of security and reliability. Everything is encrypted, all data is replicated to multiple locations and the service is designed to be resilient with no single point of failure. At Patina we treat car owner and his vehicle’s data with the upmost importance.


Today Patina is referenced as by far the best and most convenient unique social network for car owners on the market. It works both on iOS and Android mobile platforms (being developed by the core of our team).
It never stops developing and improving, taking advantage of such cutting edge technologies as 3D Touch and scanned data recognition.

Time spent