Designer for professionals

Notate is created for a mobile professionals and is designed to meet the needs of business and enterprise data management and content regulatory compliance. Notate supports key MDM market leaders with both iOS and Android platform support as well as desktop solutions for Mac OS and Windows. Content can be securely managed with the firewall Exchange syncing and administrative controlled application policies – content is safe when stored, encrypted in-flight and MDM managed on your mobile devices.

  • design
  • build
  • launch
  • evolve

What we’ve done

We’ve developed an app from scratch and continue to continuously maintain and evolve it, defer to customers opinion and keep it up to date.
When it came to the technology that is behind Notate family of products, we used all of our experience from building and designing complex and multiaspect systems in industries such as healthcare, financial services, banking and augmented reality to make sure that we provide the required levels of security and reliability. Everything is encrypted, all data is replicated to multiple locations and the service is designed to be resilient with no single point of failure.


Today Notate is present on all major platforms: iOS, Android, Mac OS, Windows.
This constantly evolving product works with a wide variety of a complex security technologies and provides a stable and robust level of data encryption and cross-platform connectivity on the market for both enterprise and consumers.

Time spent