Pimp your selfie pics using words. cool fonts

FontFace is an extra-ordinary app from BFF Apps! It’s SO EASY TO USE with it’s Auto facial recognition & intuitive design! Create meaningful, inspirational or funny portraits to share & use however you choose. With a WIDE range of features including high quality sketching, patterns, textures & stunning fonts, FontFace gives voice to the artist within.

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  • build
  • launch
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Intuitive Design
With a few simple clicks you can create stunning visual portraits to WOW your friends. FontFace's smooth, linear interface provides an exceptionally user-friendly experience.


Save & Share Without Limitation
Perfect for social media & blog posts, quickly share your photos to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, Dropbox & your camera roll.





Beautiful Fonts
We have a carefully selected array of fonts & font combinations to help you craft just the right message & present your Selfie in style. Use stunning script to shape your portrait without compromising clarity or definition. If you are a student, designer, art teacher or creative you will love the quality with which FontFace brings text & image together.

What we’ve done

Even though the app idea is so fun and easy, it took a considerable amount of engineering effort to make it work in a natural way.

We developed a fine-tuned algorithm for detecting facial shape, trimming the hair from the face and smoothing its bounds that would make final image look as if professional designer worked on it.

Another innovation was text filling algorithm that fills custom hair shape in artistic way using random fonts and sizes, random words from specified set.

Not to mention incredible design effort to create numerous backgrounds, colour templates, fonts and hair shapes!


FontFace was successfully released and accepted by market.

Unfortunately at the moment it’s not available for sale due to customer decision. But we’re very proud with result and really hope to start using it soon!

Time spent