A modern EHR platform for eye care

EyePegasus is an app developed for optometric ophtalmology professionals and provides clinics and doctors with a convenient way to organize their work and build a complex and perfect system able to schedule appointments, perform tests and sophisticated exams, store patient’s medical data, and build a full cycle of a proper treatment from the first complaint and to the effective recovery and reimbursement.

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  • Patient communication. Streamline patient communication by sending automated text messages, e-mails and voice calls about appoint reminders, recalls, glasses/contacts are ready for pick-up, special promotions, balance due etc. Usually an extra feature requiring integration with third parties for an extra fee; these features are built-in to EyePegasus and included in the regular monthly fee.
  • Advanced scanning. Save time and capture important information by scanning unlimited documents right into the patient's chart without having to first manipulate such document in your computer. All documents are securely stored and backed up in the EyePegasus cloud and accessible anywhere; even on your iPad.
  • Electronic billing. Maximize revenue and minimize worry with electronic medical billing. Partnered with Trizetto Provider SolutionsⓇ makes it easy to send your medical claims electronically.
  • E-prescribing. Improve patient safety and reduce risky typos with Electronic Prescribing. Certified partner of DrFirst RcopiaⓇ e-Prescribing makes prescribing more efficient and safer.
  • Patient check-in. Streamline patient check-in and save time in the exam room by allowing your patient's to fill out histories, update demographics and sign HIPAA forms while waiting to be seeing. Histories are made available in the ERH so that the doctor can easily review.
  • Auto coding. Automatic coding for diagnosis and procedures helps speed and ease coding to ensure accuracy and maximize billing.
  • Fully customisable. Easy, fast and comprehensive workflow customization to run your practice just they way you prefer.
  • Speech to text. Speed and ease documentation with fully integrated Dragon® Speaking to significantly reduce documentation hassles.
  • Modern solution. Modern web-based solution means no IT hassles and access from anywhere. Always up-to-date with the latest features and you don't have to purchase or maintain a server in your practice.
  • Meaningful use certified. EyePegasus Ambulatory EHR version 2.0 is 2014 Edition compliant and has been certified by an ONC‐ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.


  • Better.  Designed from the start by a team with decades of experience in the eyecare industry to be the most efficient and effective solution available.
  • Faster. Leveraging the most efficient combination of web-based and native iPad app technologies means near lighting fast responsiveness.
  • Easier. Specifically designed to make use easier with comprehensive customization options to enable you to manage your business, your way.
  • Value. Get amazing value for your hard earned dollars with easy to understand and reasonable pricing combined with amazing features and timely support.
  • Complete. Designed to integrate all the feature you need into one solution to help reduce complications of patching together multiple products.
  • Results. Full and comprehensive use of EyePegasus can make dramatic improvements in your business operations to help you reduce cost and improve profitability.

What we’ve done

We’ve built an ultimate iOS app which smoothly works with server side and provides doctor with all data concerning patient’s complaint, whole medical record and assists during the whole process of effective treatment.


EyePegasus is not only helping patients to get proper and agile treatment, but also helps clinics to build the whole complex system adaptable for each patient, maximize revenue and minimize worry with electronic medical billing.
EyePegasus provides a convenient way to prescribe medications from the iPad and electronically send them to patient’s preferred pharmacy. Medication duplications are avoided and drug-drug as well as drug-allergy interactions are captured. With EyePegasus e-Prescribing solution, prescribing medications becomes more efficient for doctors and safer for patients.

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