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Caresharing cConnect is the best alternative to chat messengers specifically designed for Health Professionals.

It often happens that doctors need to share some information about patient or have a group of doctors to discuss some clinical results or x-ray. Using WhatsApp is not the best idea in such case: private patient data can be exposed, professional conversations are mixed with private chats and patient images are stored in public gallery.

cConnect solves this problem by providing complete cross-platform solution that works on iOS, Android and Web.

Users can always stay focused on their professional discussions, important data never gets to wrong hands and patients become healthier!

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Caresharing cConnect is the alternative to WhatsApp in healthcare. Healthcare professional, patient or informal caregiver can start a one-on-one or group chat. Part of ISO27001 Certified Caresharing platform for eHealth.

• Unique identification selfie Profile Video
• No storage of photos on your device but safe in the cloud

Care Professional:
• Easily connect with other healthcare professionals in the private social map of healthcare professionals
• Invite patient, care professional or informal caregiver into a chat

Patient and informal caregiver
• Invite your healthcare team for communication in a group chat
• Coordinate and manage self-care in an accessible way




Unique authentication system is both easy and effective for distributing application via AppStore and Play market and at the same time allows to keep Health Professionals of the same hospital together and leaving other users away from private medical communication.

All information is secured on device and network using industry standards.




Various types of attachments can be added to the chat including image, patient details, or any type of medical form loaded directly from the hospital's database.

What we’ve done

We took the initial idea of the application, designed full workflow taking into account our rich experience in building products for health industry and developed it in close cooperation with brilliant backend team.

Lots of bright ideas were used in the application and we managed to create a fast, responsive, stable and user-friendly chat application with few serious additions crafter with Health Professional’s workflow in mind


Currently cConnect is available on Dutch market and it gains popularity among various Health Professionals in different hospitals.

Application hit iOS and Android markets at the same time and was well accepted by focus groups and real-live users

Time spent