Car Accessories by Augmented Reality

CAAR is our own project started from plane idea and built to be release-ready.

Challenge that CAAR solves is pretty simple if you ever purchased car accessories without actually knowing how they will look when installed.

This app eliminates the pain at the very first stage: at the moment when you pick new accessories.

Started with wheels, we plan to add other accessories in the nearest future.

  • strategize
  • design
  • build
  • launch
  • evolve




  • select wheel of your choice
  • point your iPhone's camera to the car
  • immediately see how wheels on your car are replaced with model that you selected

Technologies that help to achieve such ease of use are:

  • real-time image processing and analysis
  • precise target tracking using all available sensors
  • GPU calculations











What we’ve done

Entire product development including complicated real-time algorithms for detecting the wheel from the camera and replacing it with the wheel of user choice was implemented by our team.

High performance was #1 priority for us and now you won’t tell the difference between camera stream and augmented reality.

Selection of most popular wheels, intuitive design, best mathematical models for target tracking made this app a really beautiful example of how modern technologies change our life for good.


Now CAAR is almost ready to be uploaded to the AppStore. It needs few minor tweaks before it and soon feel free to download and use!

Time spent