Mobile app development. What you should start with


So the #1 thing you need to have at the starting point is an IDEA. A clear solid idea of a solution that will solve a specific problem or will bring a value to the people.


The next big things to figure out are the goals of your app and its mission. The goal is what users can do with your app (share news, connect and communicate with other people, purchase some services, etc.) The mission is a high-level understanding of the app purpose. The reason why you build it and a strategic vision of the app growth.


It is also important to figure out who your target audience is. It will help you and the team to design a product that will best fit your user’s needs and preferences.


Once you figure this all out you may hire a UI/UX designer or try to create some wireframes drafts on your own. The main idea here is to visually represent all the features of the app so the developer could see it how you see it. This is one of the most important stages as at this point you create a basis for your app, the whole backbone is constructed here and it is the best time to test different versions of app concept. All the global changes in later stages will take much more resources.


The ideal scenario for a developer to jump into your project is to hear about it from you, see the wireframes and read a detailed document that describes app features, goals and the mission. That is why all the preparations were needed. If you want to collect several estimates from different developers, you just share all these files and schedule brief phone calls to introduce the overall idea and answer some primary questions. This will help you to save your time.


For the cases, when you don’t want to reveal your idea to people you don’t know and trust yet, make sure you have a mutual non-disclosure agreement ready.


When choosing a contractor, pay attention to the communication with the team. How easy it is for you to share your thoughts, how well they understand you, how confident they are about their expertise and how comfortable for you to set up and make calls. You will eventually spend hundreds of hours with this team when the work starts.

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