We are a team of great professionals and beautiful, fun and efficient people specialized in developing iOS, Android, Mac OS and Windows apps as well as being experts in all kind of mobile applications and API integrations.

Our experienced team can deliver the whole package of building a successful product. Starting from the market analysis and planning, through creating unique design, comprehensive development, high level quality assurance and, finally, smooth product implementation.

We’re not a bunch of developers cranking out tons of ordinary apps. We like to create an experience, built a relationship of trust, help customer to start a successful business and simply follow a dream.

We’re a constantly evolving company which likes to be on the same page with our customers, always reach the goals and continue our journey to the top.


We treat design personally. Based on your ideas, apps that you like and general preferences we'll start with creating wireframes and high-level workflow of the application. After couple feedback iterations we'll start adding design: colour scheme, icons, graphics, etc. Again, few more iterations and here you go: the entire design of the application is ready. The outputs are: detailed workflow diagram; sliced resources for all resolutions so developers can immediately start implementation; animated mockups upon request; specifications for fonts, offsets, sizing upon request
Our main expertize is Mobile Development. We use best practices, most reliable tools and most efficient processes to create applications. We try and adopt modern technologies like RX or SWIFT, experiment with innovative approaches and use rock-solid architecture approaches while building apps. We know what it takes to create an application and then support it moving forward. Code needs to be clean, well documented and easy to maintain. And that's what we do best!
We treat QA Seriously. QA process starts along with development. Our testers research customer requirements and cover each peace of functionality with Test Cases. While development is in progress we take intermediate builds and provide feedback to devs at early stages. This way we detect problems even before they become a real pain! When feature is done we run a full suite of test cases and confirm when everything is done. Prior to release we run condensed checklist to make sure that nothing was accidentally broken. Continuous support of testing documentation makes sure that the product is well covered and new people won't miss anything from it.
IT Consulting
We'd love to discuss your ideas and share our rich experience with you. Feel free to contact us on any matter: - Scrum/Agile - Software Architecture - Business Analysis - Mobile and Web development - Quality Assurance - Store Optimization - Advertizing - Data Analysis
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What our clients say

“The team at Olearis has strong expertise and works well together. I can’t emphasize enough how phenomenal their quality assurance is.

The price is competitive.”

Joel Shafer, Notate (Founder, C.E.O.)
What our clients say

“Olearis’ ability to communicate effectively and always be on the same page was very helpful. They very rarely have to explain anything twice.”

Tim Joslyn, Patina (Founder, C.E.O.)

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